This is GLOW, a ambient weather display designed by Brinley Pritchard busy studying Industrial Design at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town South Africa.
It can display the ambient temperature, and all the weather conditions at any destination that you select on any weather application. It receives the information by using a WiFi module that is linked to your home WiFi.
The weather is displayed in such a way that uses your senses. when you touch the top of the unit it will register that you are ready to receive information and the top will heat up or cool down depending on the ambient temperature. The weather at the destination will be displayed by using sound visual and feeling. the temperature is indicated with a RGB LED strip that shows a colour linked to a temperature increment. Blue (15 and lower) and ranging up with blue-green, green, yellow, orange and red (35 degrees and up). A fan will mimic the wind at the destination that you will feel on your hand and if it is raining it will be indicated by the sound of rain falling on a tin roof.
By using GLOW it will ensure that you will always be updated with the weather and save you time and effort

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